Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update on Peyton

Last week I wrote a post on Cancer Sucks, this was about one of my best friends from back home and her little 4 yr old boy. She read the emails that you all took the time to write and she loved them. It brought a smile to her face when she needed one and showed that there are people that are praying for her and her family, this left her with some comfort.

Today I wanted to give you all an update on how Mr. Peyton is doing! Friday both of her boys got sick but anytime that Peyton gets sick it is life threatening. They took him and did an MRI scan and everything showed normal, normal from the last scan he had a week or two prior. That was good news that nothing had changed. He kept getting sick all weekend and had a horrible headache. Once the headache set it so did the dizziness, this resorted to him needing to crawl to get anywhere. This resulted in staying in touch with the on call doctor all weekend. They decided to up his steroids to see if that would help with the headaches and the dizziness. Needless to say it has not helped and they are currently on their way back to Cincinnati to see their doctor.

Please pray that this is NOT a sign of him going down hill. Please pray that this little family will get to enjoy their Christmas at home and at least get to do one thing for Christmas! They have yet to get their tree!

This past weekend Lynn and I were talking about one time that we all met for supper one night. (Her and I were laughing so hard at everything both our cheeks hurt!) It was Lynn, LB, and myself and we decided hey why not bring our kids. So I brought my two kids, Lynn brings the twins, and LB brought just one of her kids. We decided we would eat at Cracker Barrel since it had such a variety for the kids. Gannon was just three months old so he was still in his little car seat carrier thing. All the kids did so well but as the time went on Stillman (Peyton's twin) got antsy and was all over the place. Lynn was chasing him while we sat with Peyton and we were talking to him helping him eat his food and what not. It was so funny watching this that all three of us would just giggle. Of course we tried to help Lynn too and distract Stillman but the kid had some syrup and he was on a sugar high!

One last note I want to THANK all of you who have taken the time to send an email to Lynn, who have blogged about this, posted it on FB, and even tweeted about it. Y'all don't know me and the ones I've reached out to have been so nice to jump up and not hesitate. I love that this blogging community is so close and it also shows that there are good people in the world!

So please if you have a few minutes please send an email to Lynn and her family. peytonangels@gmail.com
If you want to donate because those medical bills with all those MRI's are expensive you may donate to the IU credit Union in Indiana under Peyton's Angels.

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  1. I forgot about that!! That was a fun night, a little hectic but fun! :)


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