Thursday, December 6, 2012


Today I am linking up with Katie and Steph for Saw it. Pinned it. Did it! I hope you enjoy these two beauties! Yes that is right I said two! I got on a role with one of them then I knew I had to have my husband do another one because I loved it so much! Yep my hubs did these BUT he wouldn't let me climb on our ladder because 1. My foot is broke 2. We all know I woulda fallen or done something g dumb and gotten hurt and 3. He is OCD so when I come up with a new DIY he wants to do it especially if a glue gun is used!

Here is the picture that was my inspiration. 

This one is at my entry way.

The idea behind this one was to make it look like a Christmas tree! Items that you will need are:
  1. Garland which I got at Hobby Lobby for 7.99 with 50% off
  2. Ribbon I got at Hobby Lobby for 9.99 with 50% off
  3. The snowflakes were 7.99 with 50% off from Hobby Lobby
  4. The ornament balls were 6.99 with 50% off from Hobby Lobby
  5. Wreath I got for free from my dad! 
What you will want to do first is take the wreath and turn it upside down and have little ties or you can tie it with ribbon onto the light fixture. Once that is secure take the garland and start at the top and wrap it around. Make sure it does not touch the lights itself. Then decorate it the way you like. I added the ribbon first then I put the ornament balls then the snowflakes on. My wreath has pine cones stuff all through it. 

This one is over my kitchen table.

I couldn't get it to show in the picture very well but this one the way I did it was I did not use a wreath this time. This light fixture is a little smaller than the one in the entry so I just took my garland and wrapped it around. I then got some ribbon and different size ornaments and tied them so they would hange down from the light fixture and different lengths. Then I took the ribbon and tied it at the top of the light fixture and have it coming down and hanging as if you would from a tree. All supplies were bought from Hobby Lobby with all them being 50% off. I believe total cost for these little projects cost around $30ish give or take. I was able to use the same gold ribbon that I used in the entry way. 
I hope you enjoy these little projects! Please follow me on Pinterest here and you can also follow me on instagram @linsw00
P.S. If you have not checked out my post on Cancer Sucks please do. My bestie is a mother of twin boys where one of them is battling terminal brain cancer. They could use your thoughts, prayers, and support. 


  1. You outdid yourself with this! I am really not sure I could ever do something like that ;)

    thank you for linking up girl!

  2. this turned out SO GREAT! Now I am wishing my little apartment had a chandelier haha :)

  3. Okay, this is flipping cute! I don't have a chandelier either but now I wish I did :) Good job lady!

  4. New from the link up! :) This turned out SO cute! :) Love it!


  5. Love this! Man it looks great!!


  6. What a genius idea!!! I absolutely LOVE the way these turned out!! Totally repinning this bc this time next year we'll be in our new house for the holidays so I can actually deck out our chandeliers! I love this so much!!

  7. Oh-and DUH! THanks so much for linking up with us!!! xoxo


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