Friday, December 21, 2012

A few goodies

I am really excited that today is Friday. Here in a bit I have another pre op appointment with my doctor this time. Hopefully she will like my toes, I got them done so when she is working on my foot my feet are pretty and not ugly! :)

If you were to meet me in real life you would see that I talk to everyone that I meet. It's totally a family thing; my papaw was the same way, my mom is the same way, and now it has passed on to me. The hubs laughs because he knows I will meet someone whenever we are out. So it was no suprise that when Brayd's teacher and I started a friendship. Mrs. C is the sweetest person ever and she has my sense of humor. Her and I can talk for hours and laugh for hours at the same time. I can cook and bake she can't. She can be all crafty and crochete really cute items, I can't.

Yesterday she text me a little bit before I took Brayd to school to let her know when I was on my way. It was no surprise to get a text from her because well we normally text every morning before school. Once I get to school she runs to her car and brings out this huge good bowl. It took me by surprise!

In my cute little snowman bowl (I'm obbessed with snowmen) she had some candy canes, friendship tea, chex mix, trail mix, hot chocolate, chocolate covered spoons, apple butter, this cookie that taste like a girl scout cookie. 

I was taken back that she took the time to make this for me. I am We are totally blessed to have Mrs. C in our lives! 

What are your favorite items to get in a goodie bag or bowl? Have a great weekend!!! 

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  1. I totally love this... sooooo freaking sweet! So glad she's in your life and Brayd's life!!


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