Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis The Season

**I am writing this so we can look back and read what our kids were doing at this time in our lives. :)

Instead of doing a recap of our weekend I want to tell you about one particular event happened this weekend. I also want to state that before you continue to read my husband and I never once told our son what to do he came up with this all on his own. Another thing you should know about Brayden is that he has a heart of gold. He is a kid that wears his feelings on his sleeve and has a heart of gold!

Brayden started asking questions two years ago when he was in Kindergarten about his friends getting a Christmas and some were not getting a Christmas. That prompted my husband and I to explain to him that sometimes there are children that do not get Christmas because their families simply could not afford it. When he found this out he got huge tears in his eyes and cried for them. He decided at that moment he was going to save his money to make sure the next year there would be presents for the ones who would not normally get any. Last year he saved $120 and went out and purchased toys and donated them to Toys for Tots. He also wanted to use his money last year to purchase a gift for his little brother too.

Ealier this week he reminded my husband and I that he and dad needed to count his saved money. On Friday evening they sat down and started counting to see how much he had saved for the year. The money that he earns is from getting good grades in school, tooth fairy, and doing chores around the house. By the time they were done counting he totaled out was $160! Saturday Todd and Brayden were going to go cash it in, but the night before we asked what he would like to do with it and he responded he wanted to donate like he did last year.

When he told us that he did want to go buy gifts for others it was all I could do to hold back the tears. I've always known that Brayd was special but I realized how special he really was at that moment. I do not know many 8 year olds that would want to spend their money that way. He is the typical 8 year old that loves to get gifts but he is also the kind of kid that loves to give and to make sure everyone around him is happy. I am so proud I was chosen to be his mom, I am also so proud our values we have taught him he has taken to the next level and he has shown how selfless, kind, loving, and caring he is.

Once Todd and Brayden got home they told me what all they got. Brayden was so excited about everything he was able to purchase. On the way to Toys R Us they had to make a couple of stops to cash in the change, the two stores they had to go into he stopped and gave some of his money to the Salvation Army when they were rining their bells. :) Brayden ended up with two huge sacks of toys for both boys and girls. While he was there he decided to go ahead and pick up and gift for his brother for Christmas and a toy now for him and his brother to share.

Just getting out of the truck with his goods.

Once Gannon woke up from his nap we were off to deliver the goods. I had looked up online where the drop off sites were and we decided that the Fire Station would be a fantastic place to leave the toys off. 

Here we are waiting for the Firefighters to come so we can give them the toys. Once they came and opened up the door they had a huge smile. Brayd got very excited to see real firefighters too! He told them why he was there and they just praised him on his good deed. Then they told him since he was such a good kid did he want a tour of the firestation and the trucks. Well we all know what that answer was..YES! Brayden's face lit up! He had to tell them where we were from, what his dad does for work, all about his Mamaw, Papaw, Grandpa, Grandma, dad, and brother of course!

They all followed him around talking to him and giving him tours but the sweet lady in the picture above really took him under her wing and talked up a storm with him. As you can see in the picture I think he was a little sweet on her! ;) Who wouldn't be she was very pretty and so incredibly nice. Unfortunatly I didn't get any of their names, I really wish I would have!! If any of you guys from the station are reading this please tell me your names!! 

Little brother had to get in on the action too of course! 

Before we left they gave Brayden his own fire hat that looks like thiers then they also gave him a baseball cap too! Brayden being the kind and thoughtful kid he is he had to make sure that his brother got a firehat too!

Thank you to all of you at the station, you guys were so kind to Brayden for taking time out and showing him around and letting him play in all of the trucks. He talked about it the entire evening and has yet to take off his firehat on Sunday too! Thank you for everything that you do to help all of us.  Please let me know when you guys are on shift working together again I'd love for my family to bring you guys some sweet treats to snack on! :)

To my readers if you have the capability to donate please do. There are so many children that need clothes and deserve a Christmas even if it is something small, at least they know that they are being thought of. :)

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