Thursday, December 13, 2012

Parental Guide Offical Trailer

free passes parental guidance 

 Here on Money Saving Parent we are so excited about the release on Christmas Day of "Parental Guidance" starring Bette Midler, Billy Crystal and Marissa Tomei. As the parent of a 24 year old and a 6 year old, I have to say I've experienced my own clash of the old school vs new school way of parenting as well as learned quite a bit along the way about grandparents. I'm thrilled to bring you these free tickets to an exclusive sneak peak to "Parental Guidance" here in the Houston area!
Your premiere event details:
When: 10 A.M on Dec. 15, 2012
Where: Cinemark Tinseltown in The Woodlands
Print Your Tickets to the Exclusive Sneak Peek of Parental Guidance at Cinemark Tinseltown in The Woodlands at 10 A.M on Dec. 15, 2012! Once you get to GOFOBO create your account or sign in then Access "GET A PASS" and follow the directions. You can get up to two passes! Please note: You must be 18 or older to print your tickets. Please don't print them if you aren't going to use them. First come, first served for seating so please arrive early. However if you provide me with your names in comments or email message your seats will be reserved! Cell phones are not permitted during the exclusive premiere. If you bring your cell phone with you it will be turned in and tagged by security before you enter the theater. Money Saving Parent is not responsible for tickets or for seating at this events. Here's a trailer to get you excited about "Parental Guidance". I admit, that this post took longer than most because I had to watch all the trailers available!

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