Monday, November 5, 2012

Renting Textbooks

Hi guys! I've got a real treat for you today. A lot of people are either in college or debating on going back to college to add onto their degree. One of the biggest expenses are the textbooks. Did you know you can rent your books now? Even when you rent your book you can still write in it and highlight in the book. Can we say SCORE!?!? has been renting to students since 2007. Here are a few of their perks:
  • free shipping both ways
  •  the cost is around 40%-90% cheaper than buying the book
  •  flexible renting periods
  • 30 day risk free returns
If you renting this Sociology book for a semester it would cost you under $50! I know that when I got my books it would cost me at least $150 per semester and that was at minimum! All you have to do to find the book that you would like is put the name of the book, author, or the ISBN in the search bar and it will bring it up for you! Just put the dates for the length of time you would like the book and it will calculate your small rental payment for you! So easy right?

Have you ever rented textbooks before?

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  1. As a college prof, I have another tip for saving textbook money: check online! A lot of textbooks have online versions &/or chapter summaries at the publishers site. Also check with your prof before buying. Nnow-a-days a lot of us aren't using textbooks because they are so expensive, but the college requires each class have a textbook listed-- if you ask, you may be able to avoid the expense all together!


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