Friday, November 16, 2012


Who is glad it is Friday raise their hand!! I've got both of mine raised! This post is a bit random so just stick with me okay.

  • I was nominated for the Liebster award by Besty and Kelley all within a two day time period! Thanks ladies!! I plan on working on that post this weekend. 
  • I really glad this week is over. My husband has had crazy hours, Monday was opening day for the location we are in. There was a Sales Blitz that started on Tuesday and got over yesterday. Him and another co-worker had to ride around together (I can't remember her title but she is up from Dallas area.) Wednesday night there was an appreciation dinner and he didn't get home til late. 
  • I called him all excited because a house in our neighborhood put their lights up around their house so I told him what he would be doing this weekend. Yesterday I saw that another house has one strand on their house. I've got a big vision of what I want our house to look like and knowing my sweet husband he will make that come true. 
  • My parents come back in about five weeks and I can't wait. Once they get here we will be making our traditional Christmas cookies. My surgery on my foot is also about five weeks away too. I am looking forward to that so my foot is not hurting any more. I'm also getting a pedi a couple days before surgery I mean I want cute toes while the doctor is working on my foot right? HA HA
  • Gannon thought sleeping was for the birds last night, he got up twice. Once at two and once at four, the second time he got up I just brought him to our room and he went to sleep and cuddled with me. I think he was punishing me because we went through his toys last night and boxed some up to put up in the attic. 
  • I am obsessed with going to Sonic, I love getting their Diet Cherry Cokes. Is it bad that I know the times they are half price so I go then? 
  • Brayd's teacher and I are getting close outside of school. She is the sweetest thing ever. She is pregnant with a little girl that is due at the end of Feb. I know I am going to miss her while she is on maternity leave. She also informed me that The Color Run here is in April. I am going to sign up and do this one. I hope that Lacey will roadtrip it up here and do it with me too!  Hint Hint :) 

I think that is all the randomness I've got stored in my pretty little head! Do you guys have plans for the weekend? 


  1. I have a list of weekend family to dos that literally takes up a whole wall {which is covered in chalkboard paint, so I'm not exaggerating lol}. Just finished running to it to add "outside lights" -- thanks for the reminder!!

  2. YAYAYAY For having a great teacher for Brayd! So thankful for that! I miss you by the way! :)

  3. Your list was great! I love the part about your parents being your real parents. And the part about the odd numbers. Also liked the part about your mom thinking you were going to the restroom but you were going to get baptized. Ha! Thanks for sharing and thanks for leaving your link for me on my Facebook page (Kelley's Break Room). I think I just became your 100th follower. Yay!! :)


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