Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little this and a little that

I've got a few randoms for today and I hope you laugh like I have been laughing!

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Friends! I am cracking up laughing at the Smelly Cat episode. I honestly can't pick which one is my favorite episode. I just really wish it would have never went off the air!

2. I took this picture while I was waiting on Brayden to come out from school. I also sent a text to Todd telling him I was over the cold weather and I was ready for the beach, palm trees, sun, and a fruity drink. I was not ready for a tobbagon and five layers of clothes. Yesterday spoiled me with the 60+ sunny weather! 

3. My iphone is on its last leg. I have the dinosaur phone of the iphones. Hopefully daddy Santa is good to me and gets me a newer iphone. I'll do a wishlish post in the coming week(s). I resent my list to Todd just in case he forgot or lost it. 

4. Todd worked very hard this weekend helping me get the house decorated the way I wanted it. He also hung lights outside for me. Our roof is very steap and has dropoffs with nowhere to hold on if one was to fall off, he took the risk to make me happy. Makes me heart him even more! :)

5. We are in full potty training mode for Gannon but since then he finds it funnier if he strips and runs through the house naked all the time. I spend most of the day dressing him back while he is laughing. 
6. I've got a book I really want to read but I am holding off so I can read it while I am down with my foot recovering from surgery. I've already read Bared To You and now I want to read Reflected in You and Entwined with You but that one doesn't come out til May boo! If you have any book suggestions please throw them out there.

7. It is good for my waistline that I live in the sticks. I really want Starbucks but do not want to drive 15 minutes to go get one. I've got to drive a good 10-15 minutes to go to town for anything I might want. I guess that has helped me also loose 30+pounds. Fast food was easy to get to but not anymore! 

8. My Christmas shopping is almost done. The only person I have not started is my dad because he is so hard to buy for. He is a label whore and has to have things so so. I've called him a label whore before and his response to me was "Well Lins".  Mom and I laughed. 

9. Do not forget I am offering FREE ad space until the end of the year. Type is Holiday for the promo code. I use Passion Fruit, just go to the top of the page and click the "Sponsor" tab. Pick any size you would like. I would love if we could trade back but it's not a deal breaker. :) 

10. Then I was saving the best for last. Did you guys hear on the news where two Colts Cheerleaders Shaved their heads during the game? If not you can find it here but I am pretty proud to be from Indiana and I think it is pretty awesome what these two ladies did. I love that they raised 22k for cancer research! It just shows that these two beauties are selfless and that the world needs more people like this! :)

Also I LOVE the following I am gaining AND I would LOVE to know MORE! PLEASE comment and make sure that you are not a no reply commenter so I can write back to you!! If you are please leave your email! :)

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  1. Oh wow-- you're already done Christmas shopping? I haven't even started! lol

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