Monday, November 26, 2012

Long Weekends

I heart long weekends! I wish we could have long weekends at least once a month! I really hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I wasn't sure how this one would go for us because it was our first one away from our families. I've never spent at Thanksgiving away from my parents but I survived. I will admit when I was making my grandma's sweet potatoes I did get a little teary eyed.

Recipe coming soon

I recovered very well because we had Friends on the entire day and I was cracking up laughing! Todd and I both LOVE Friends so it was fun to watch it with him. A sidenote I met Todd on a Thursday and told my friend who was setting us up that if Todd was a dueche then I was going home because I didn't want to miss Friends. Obviously I missed Friends! :)

Wednesday we ran to town at supper at Chili's and then got Brayden a tree for his room. Thursday I spent cooking and we put up Brayd's tree. Friday I went to two stores twice and we put up our tree and other decorations. Saturday we decorated some more and I went to the grocery. Sunday Todd finished hanging lights outside and we went to the park since it was so warm and pretty out. I will post pics once we get all of our decorations up and what not. Brayd and I LOVE decorating for Christmas so we really put Todd to work! I tell Todd what I want and he makes my vision happen. I am far from crafty but have great ideas. We have great team work! I am so exhausted and my foot is so swollen from being up on it and so active the past few days.

How was your Thanksgiving and the rest of your weekend?

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  1. Your sweet potato casserole looks amazing. I'll have to check back for the recipe! Found your blog via Southern Girls Blogging Community.


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