Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So six months ago I woke up one morning with my foot hurting. I thought maybe it was a bruise or a stone bruise. When my foot started hurting was when Todd had just left or was getting ready to leave for Houston. Then we had the change in insurance and a grace period for new to start. We got to Houston but as you all know we were there for only a hot minute so I didn't have time to get it checked then. So that brings us up to living here in Oklahoma and I had noticed that my foot had started to bruise and swell up more. I went to Indiana for Fall break and my parents were on my case to get it checked. Luckily my mom came back out to Oklahoma with us, I called first thing Monday morning and found out that my foot is BROKE!

The doctor does not think it is going to heal since I've been walking on it for six months but she wanted to try to put me in a boot for four weeks. While walking in the boot I still have as much pain as I had without the boot. I am pretty confident like the doctor that it is going to end up in surgery. If I do have to have the surgery it will be in December while the parents are here for Christmas.

Working the boot pretty well don't ya think? HA HA

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