Monday, October 1, 2012

Dropping In

Hi all my lovelies! I've been so busy with the move (are you tired of hearing about it because I am way tired of talking about it!) HA HA, getting organized, unpacking, enrolling Brayden in school, and decorating the house I've hardly had time to get on this little blog!

I am happy to say I have hit the 50+ followers now and that means GIVEAWAY! :) I hope to get it going a week from today and let me tell you there are AWESOME things that are going to be on here! I am busting at the seems and can't wait to show and tell you guys! :)

I have been posting some pictures on instagram if you are not following me you should! My handle is linsw00 on it! I have also been posting on twitter (click the side button over to the left and follow me). Did I ever mention that CRCL has a facebook page? Well I do, so you better go like me!

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend and Monday!!!!

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