Monday, October 8, 2012

Huge Giveaway

I am celebrating having 50 fabulous followers! So of course I had to get a great group of ladies together to giveaway some fabulous items! There will be 10 winners! How fun!! There are items ranging from ad space, starbucks gift cards, tea cakes, jewlery, and an awesome holdiay decoration! If you have not read or know about these ladies please take some time and scroll down and learn about them and their blogs!

Cait from  Fierce Fabulous and Fit  is giving away a large ad space for the month of November! Hop on over to her blog and you will find out about her life as a newlywed, my daily activities and work out tips, new adventures and my little family including my husband and cat Ellie.She is totally sweet and adorable! 

Kassi from Truly Lovely is so fun to work with. I was privledged to work with her last month and she was so fun. She is giving away a Medium ad space for the entire month of November! Truly Lovely is an 'all things lovely' blog written by two sisters. Mostly Kassi, with fun snippets from Kayli. We write about, well, whatever we want... Crafts, recipes, books, parties, etc... 

I got to know Q's Goodies from a giveaway that I had won. She was so fun and easy that I fell in love. I actually did a post here about my winnings! When I contacted Q's Goodies I was thrilled that she jumped on board to participate in my giveaway! In honor of breats cancer awareness month she is giving away this little tea cake and truffle set! I've had the Texas tea cakes and let me tell you they are yum!!! 

 Sarah Bailey blogs over at Life in a Break Down. I am just getting to know her, she actually won an ad spot from me for a giveaway last week! I knew once I was having my giveaway I really wanted her to participate so I had to ask her! I am so glad she said yes!!! She is giving away the Corgi size ad space. She likes to write about the things she loves, full of fun, family and friends my blog is packed full of reviews and introductions to shops I like. I adore interacting with my readers and other blog owners making my hop and giveaways integral parts of it. Come and join me on the journey they call life, as I stumble my way around it.

Lacey over at And They Call Me Mommy has became one of my bloggy besties in real life. I met her while living in TX and we have just had a fabulous connection! She is so down to earth on her blog if you read her blog and then met her in real life she is who she really is on it! She talks about the activities she does with her family, what she loves, her goals with her weight and much more. If you are not already reading her blog what are you waiting for? Hop on over there! She is giving away The Social Butterfly ad space!

Heather is a consultant for Stella and Dot. She is giving away the Love Bracelet, to one of my fabulous readers! You can go ahead to her site if you can't wait or want more Stella and Dot items! There are tons of items I want, I've put on my Christmas list!
Jodi is a crafty little thing that started her own business called The Olde Crow Mill. She is giving away some garland which would be perfect for the Fall season and the holidays! This garland is made from burlap, cottons, tulle and yarn. The garland is longer than what is in the picture but this gives you an idea of what it will look like. Let me tell you girlfriend does not disappoint when it comes to making things. I've got several of her items that she has made me and I LOVE them!

Melissa writes over at Mouthwatering Morsel and is giving away 2 $15 Starbucks gift cards! She is so sweet and fun to talk to! She is a recent college graduate in her early 20s living in Texas. MwM started out as a place to document recipes I've made and restaurants I've tried to a place where I document my daily shenanigans while learning to live an actively healthy life. As for the title of my blog ... everything in moderation because too much of anything can kill you. Stay Positive! Think Good Thoughts!

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  1. I'm in! I can't follow ya via GFC because I recently { like today } just moved to my .com but I am following ya on twitter. I retweeted your giveaway too. Your blog is super cute!


  2. I love the Pegasus necklace!


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