Friday, October 12, 2012

Moving Company Disaster

Do you remember when I wrote this post on moving and suggested a certain company? Well I'm here to tell you that I'm taking that back! DO NOT use this company; we used them for our move from Houston to Oklahoma and it has been anything but smooth! I am going to try not to let my emotions show too much through this post even tho I am soooooo upset with Allied Van Lines/Morse Moving. I would rather this be informative on what they have done to us and our belongings so this hopefully won't happen to you.

1. They arrived on moving day with a crew of three; a driver and two movers. When the driver came in to inspect our items and to go over each item he had made a snarky comment that we were not fully packed. WRONG. We were fully packed, everything that was supposed to be in a box or tote was. The larger items obviously were not because the movers had to wrap them in their supplies. The driver was upset that he had to move my mirror that was attached to my dresser. He claimed it was not on the list but the company used the same list from three months prior. So I asked him if he had the supplies and again a snarky response. He replied he did, but just acted like I was the dumbest person on the planet for asking that question.  One of my most prized possessions is a jewelry chest that I got once my Mamaw passed. I explained this to the driver and he commented that he could ruin everything else but that. He did not leave enough room in his truck for our items and there was a chance that we would have to have someone else come and pick the rest of our items up, okay.. fine. it ended up where I had to pack my vehicle up to transport items and he had items on the outside of his truck strapped on the back of it.

2. To save money we purchased TV boxes to wrap our TV's in. One of the crew members tore down the box and put it on the floor where they were going to be moving our belongings in and out of. Todd was looking for the box and asked the crew if that was the box that they used on the floor. The worker (which happened to be the driver's nephew) got so upset and started bad mouthing my husband just because he was asking about the box. We were going to grab a different box to make it work but we were just looking to see if someone had placed it somewhere else.

3. After we arrived in Oklahoma and the moving company left I inspected our items. They had ruined our five month old couch as well as our two month old bed. I immediatley contacted our representative with the company and sent an email to her with pictures so she could see the damage. Upon further investigation we realized that they had also put our crib together wrong and damaged it. With the crib put together wrong the side bars were put upside down, and the right side of the crib was not bolted down at the bottom. When it is not bolted down at the bottom you can pull the bottom half out. Luckily I found it because Gannon could have gotten a body part stuck and there is a possibility that it could have caused major injury. The movers also did not put the boards on Brayden's bed back correctly. They had just laid most of them down and picked the ones that they wanted to screw in. Needless to say his boards broke in half and we had to replace and repair those also.

4. When notifying the company I have made it all the way up to speaking with the VP of the company. They have offered us compensation for our trouble; they want to send a $50 restaurant gift card. Once I was notified of what they were willing to send us I felt it as almost a slap in the face. The safety of my child is only worth $50 in food to them. They finally said they would send a check in that amount. I am now waiting to speak with the President of the company. This amount does not include the items that were ruined. I can imagine what that amount will be since they only want to give $50. The contacted and filed a complaint with the BBB which will remain on file for three years.

This really is horrible that all of this has happened; my reps before all of this were so great to work with. They made the first move so easy and nonstressful.

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