Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey all your pretty people! I hope you had a good weekend! Mine was just was cold and then on Saturday we had freezing rain so that made for a change of plans for our evening.

Anyway on Friday night Todd called and told me to get ready that he was taking me to dinner with a rep and some of his co workers. We ended up eating at PF Changs with about 8 other people or so. There was sooo much food! We went through two rounds of ordering appitzers plus our entree and then dessert. Needless to say there was food brought home. I had such a good time meeting the people Todd worked with on a daily basis and then the rep that he had training with and then rode along with him for the day. The rep his name was Courtney and he was incredible nice and he is actually from Indiana and now lives in Texas. It was nice to talk to someone about Indiana and then about our experience when we lived in Texas too. He got a kick out of me telling the table that I wanted a miniture cow in which one of the guys Todd works with asked if the cow would be an inside pet; I guess I gave a weird look and my answer was a obvious NO and Courtney cracked up laughing along with a few other people.

On our way home my mom called me to see when we would be home. While on the phone with her she told me that our neighbor was setting up security cameras at his house because his car got broken into a day or so before. While said neighbor was messing around with the camera portion he looked over through the camera and noticed we had a fire! So the fire was only a yard fire and started around the front of the house. It was finally stopped and put out after making its way to the back of our house. Our house was not touched at all just the grass! I was so scared after mom told me this story I was afraid someone was trying to mess with our house!

Saturday and Sunday we just ran a few errands and then came back home. I did on Sunday take back my Nikon that I got for Christmas. I had charged the battery on Christmas day and then I didn't need to charge it anymore until just a day or so ago. When I went to plug in my battery it was flashing, reading in the manual it said if it was flashing then to take it back to get serviced. Needless to say I thought if the battery is already messing up then what else is going to go wrong. I wasn't going to another camera yet, I was going to come home and do some research but after talking to the nicest lady named Rachel at Best Buy I decided to get a Cannon. I am very excited and can't wait to learn how to use it!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


  1. Glad you returned the Nikon. I have one and have not been impressed! I worked all was kinda fun. Hahaha!


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