Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things You Do and Say When Put Under....

It has been exactly one week yesterday since my surgery. It took exactly one week to start feeling human again and to actually get out of my bed. It is so hard for me to let go and not be in control but that is what I have had to do and I have been in the worst mood ever! I have gotten a lot of sleep, I've not eaten a lot nothing has really sounded good, I have iced a lot. The doctor told me that if I ice a lot then my scars will not be noticable, so I have been icing like crazy.

My doctor I love her to death! The first time I met her I felt so comfortable with her and trusted her right now. She is very conservative on her treatment and does not rush into surgery which I love. She is a younger doctor so she has a lot of new fresh ideas. I met up with her a few days before surgery to go over one more time everything that we were doing and she told me how she was going to do the surgery and where all my incisions were going to be. The day of surgery she came in and met Todd and we went over one last time about surgery. I love that she is so precise on her work. Before she had the nurses take me back she asked if she could pray over me. I've never had a doctor want to pray over me before surgery which was very nice. Todd and I were both taken back and very shocked. Once in the O.R. I was shaking because I was soooo cold and she was in playing on her phone. :) While they were putting me on the table she came over and we just chit chatted for a second. She brought her phone over and started taking pictures of my foot before she started cutting on me. (In the office I told her I was a blogger and if she didn't mind I would love any picture she would take during surgery). They were getting ready to put me out and they brought out a mask which I thought it was the gas mask, I flipped and was shaking my head side to side because I am so claustrophobic. They assured me is was oxygen so they held it out so I could breath some of it while they were putting me to sleep. Last thing I remember was telling them thank you and looking up where the bright lights were going to be. 

I started to wake up in the first recovery room and they had those damn oxygen tubes in my nose. I hate those and I always end up pulling them out then I start cussing like a sailor afterwards. This time I tried to pull them out they wouldn't let me then I asked for Todd and they wouldn't let him come back yet. I started to cry naturally. A few minutes later they rolled me up to my room where Todd was waiting on me and he had a big smile on his face. I barely opened my eyes to see him but was relieved he was right there with me. I also had to pee like a mother and they said they would put me on a bed pan. There was no way I was going to do that so I held it. Once I got dressed and ready to go they put me on this neat little thing she kept calling a "steady" I think and pulled me into the restroom. Todd stayed with me since I was so wobbly.

Later on that evening the doctor called me from her personal cell phone to check on me but I missed it because again I was in the restroom. So I texted her back letting her know I was doing okay but very nausea's and dizzy. My foot had started to wake up from the numbing shots so I was feeling some pain at the time too. 

The next day I had my post op appointment and everything looked great. She informed me that once she got into there that there was no way my break was going to heal without surgery She was able to pop one portion of the sesamoid out and then cleaned up the bones on other areas of my foot. I am excited to see what she says on Friday when I go back. I have had to take the wrapping off and change it and when looking at it the bruising is making its way up my ankle and the swelling is very minimal! 

This is going to be your warning; I am posting pictures and they are showing my foot cut open with the two screws in the bone and then the others are showing markings and where she had cut me and where the stitches are under the skin. If you do not want to see them I suggest you click off now. :) obbly and out of it. Then they loaded me up and put me in the truck and we were off for home. 

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The two screws in the side of the baby toe bone

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  1. OUCHY! It looks like it hurts!!!!! Awesome that she took the pictures though, sounds like you really do have a good doc!! Hope you have a speedy recovery girly!


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