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Happy Hump Day y'all!! Today I am linking up with Michelle for OHP! It is cold here and I figured we would focus on clothes today and comfy ones at that! I hope you all enjoy my pins! Also below my pins is a giveaway I am participating in! Be sure to enter!!!

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Girl Booklet's 500 follower is here! I want to thank all the lovely bloggers who donated to my giveaway and of course to all my readers for making this milestone happen! You all rock! Blogging has changed my life (I don’t want to sound cheesy but is true) and I never thought that I would meet so many great people along the way and that I would learn so much! So thank you ALL for making my life a little better :)

And now let’s get to the GOOD stuff! I have divided the prizes into 3 “packages” and each one is worth over $300!!!! Feel free to enter as many as you can! (Trust me they are ALL worth it!) Just remember that entries are checked & Sponsors can enter the packages that they did not donate to! So other than that GOOD LUCK!!


The Mustache Diaries: 6 months of ad space and a Essie Nail Polish goodie bag ($80)
Sparkles & Shoes  Silver Bracelet from NYC Boutique ($25)
3 Swell and Stylish: Ad space for 2 months ($20)
4 Shary Loves You: 1 month in-post ad space ($15)
5 BericeBaby: 3 Months Daddy Badge Ad Space ($15)
6 Peace it all Together: Amazon gift card ($15)
7 Nykki-talks-beauty: 3 months of regular ad space ($15)
8The Casual Stay at Home: Starbucks gift card (15)
9 Raising Reagan: 60 days Sponsors Ad Space ($12)
10 My So-Called Chaos: 1 month small ad space ($10)
11 lala Lists: 2 months medium ad space ($10)
12 Daddy's Space: 2 Months Ad SPACE 200X200 ($10)
13 Going with the Flow: Two months of Medium Ad space ($10)
14 Being Erica: two handmade felt bows from my shop and two 'Technic' nail art pens ($10)

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1 Provocative Manners: Ad Space for 2 months ($40)
2 Hairspray and High Heels: 2 Months of "The Chanel" Ad Space Package ($40)
Tutus & Tea Parties: Medium Ad Space ($20)
4 The Closet Intellectual: 3 lavender sachets hand embroidered with the letter of the winner’s choice {one letter per sachet}( $5 per sachet, $15 total)
5 Whispering Sweet Nothings:  medium ad space ($16)
6 Jessica Who?: medium ad space ($15)
7 Glued To My Crafts: 2 months of 200x200 ad space ($14)
8 By the Porchlight: Large ad space ($12)
9 Country Roots City Living: 2 months Large Ad space ($12)
10 Singledou[b]t: Amazon eGiftCard ($10)
11 The Domestic Geek Blog: Large Ad space for 30 days ($10)
12 Futures: The Ferris Wheel ad space ($10)
13 Chamomile Dealer: Set of Blog Buttons & Ad Space ($10)
14 flamingos in raincoats: iTunes gift card ($10)

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Rolled Up Pretty: X Large Ad Space on Rolled Up Pretty for Three Months ($90)
2 The Anna Delores blog: XL ad space ($20)
Ramblings of a Southern Belle: $20 Gift Card to
4 Ohsoamelia: Large ad space ($20)
5 Fortune Favors the Brave: 3 months ad space ($15)
6 Sensational Creations: set of 3 bracelets ($15)
Finding Michelina: hand painted sign -Meesh's choice ($15)
8 Discover. Create. Live: 2 months Large ad space ($14)
Spunky Real Deals:{Feb. one month} Large Ad Space ($12)
10 Chevron Stitches: Large Stitches Ad Spot & $5 Starbucks Gift card ($11)
11 My three bittles: Medium ad ($10)
12 Wifessionals: Small Ad Space ($10)
13 Wannabe Green: 1 month Ad Space ($10)
14 Free spirit reigns: 2 months ad space ($10)

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