Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Lins

Today I am linking up with Whitney to give facts about ourselves. I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more of what makes me tick and my weird ways. I hope we can still be friends after! 

Fact: My husband I were set up and met on a Thursday. I told my friend that was setting us up if he was weird or a clinger then I was leaving to go watch Friends...I never watched that episode of Friends. 

Fact: I have three dogs; 2 Golden's and one chocolate lab. I want another dog and I would like a Great Dane. I love big dogs!

Fact: I was adopted at birth and I am an only child. In return I am spoiled and a daddy's girl. My mom is my best friend too!

Fact: When I go back to my hometown my best friend and I act like we are in H.S. again and get a little wild. We've also been bff since day 1 of kindergarten.
Fact: It really annoys me when I can hear people chew their food.
Fact: I broke my first bone (my foot) at the age of 29 and walked on it for 9 months.
Fact: I never had a cavity until I was 29 and I skipped the cavity and went straight to a root canal.
Fact: I'm the happiest when I am surrounded by my family.
Fact: When I am your friend I am your friend for life and you can always count on me.
Fact: You hurt my family or my friends we have a problem. I will always have their back and go to bat for them.
Fact: I have two boys and I want to try for a third child. I've always wanted a big family since I am an only child. I hope when we try for the third child it will be a girl because there is a lot of penis in my house. Two of my dogs are even males.
Fact: I'm a SAHM, I've always told my husband I am allergic to a 9-5 job. He listens and spoils me! :)

So there are a few tidbits about me. Now tell me some facts about you! :)

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  1. I'm loving you chicky!! I can't wait to act like 17 year olds again!!! :)

  2. 3 big dogs, and you want another one?!?!? My two little pups drive me crazy enough! HAHA

  3. sounds like you have a pretty awesome life! I'm a SAHM too with #2 on the way :)

  4. Just stopping by from the link up! I actually have a really random question. You mention that you have 3 dogs and two are boys. My bf and I got a golden retriever (he's 4 months now) and I know I'll want another in about 2 years. Did you have any issues having boys and a girl? Is the gender thing an issue? I know, super random but I was just curious as I'd like a girl next.

  5. If I can hear you chew your food I will die a little insides. How annoying! It's an easily learned skill at about the age of four

  6. "There is a lot of penis in my house" - that's hilarious. My family felt the same way until a couple weeks ago when my sister-in-law found out their third baby will FINALLY be a girl. My best friend and I have been friends since Kindergarten too, and we always act like big kids when we get together. It's really special, isn't it? Love your fun facts! :-)

    ~Marie ~ My Fun Facts

  7. haha I broke my first bone when I was 23 and it was my dominant arm..it was casted for 9 months. Ugh.

  8. Oh man sign me up for a SAHM! Do I have to have kids and a husband too? Damn. I've never had a cavity either knock on wood! Love your doggys they look so cute :)


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