Monday, January 21, 2013

Low Key

Hey Loves! I am doing something new today and linking up with Sami! I am one of her newest followers and I thought this might be a little fun to mix things up a little bit!! 
You know what I am not a fan of? That is the title. I am so not creative when coming up with a title and most of the time it is clearly not catchy at all. When I got and read other blogs and their titles I always think back to myself "why didn't I think of something like that"? Clearly I suck! HA HA 

This weekend was pretty low key. My parents went back to Indiana on Thursday since I am able to now walk in my boot and I can take it off to drive. They did give me a few days to get used to it to make sure I dind't have any issues. Since they have left it has been very quiet around here. Everyone is sad that mamaw and papaw dogs included! Friday night we decided to make personal pizzas. That has been a big hit as of late, there are no good pizza places here in Okie. We watched some TV as a family and then called it an early night. We are pretty exciting huh? 

Saturday we had some gorg weather. The kids played outside in the afternoon and I played with my camera taking adorbable pictures of them of course! I had a blast watching them play together. It is so funy watching Gannon mimic every move that Brayden makes. He really looks up to his big brother. Once we were done playing outside we decided to get cleaned up and go to supper. Saturday was my night off from cooking so Todd took us to a Mexican resturaunt to eat. I also decided after supper that the kids needed a bean bag chair or a game chair of some sort so off to Target we went. It was a bust we didn't find what we were looking for so once we got home I got to looking on the internet. Now I am not sure which one to get them because I don't want the bean bags to go flat and I don't want to spend tons of money on a game chair. Oh we also went to this fantastic little ice cream/coffee shop call Scoops and Ginds. It was so cute and everything was made pretty fresh. The ice cream was delish and their hot chocolate was to die for. My Iphone is on its last leg so I did not get to take any pictures. Don't worry we will be going back and then I will take a bunch of pictures to show off. 

Sunday was another nice day, it was not as warm as the day before but still warm enough to play outside. Todd washed and waxed my car and did a few other things to it that I clearly have no idea because I far from being a car person. Give me a car that works, has gas, and gets me where I need to go and I am happy. Todd also washed and waxed his truck too. I made a meatloaf for supper and decided to have a new take on it. I made them into a cupcake pan and they actually turned out really good. The husband raved about it and wanted some for his lunch so it looks like it was a win win. 

What did you do this weekend? 

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  1. Your weekend update is making me hungry! Lol! Been craving some mexican for about 2 weeks now! I had my car detailed Sunday too. Glad ya'll enjoyed the nice weather. I was at work...glad I love my job!


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