Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend was spent outside most of the time. We had hot somewhat humid weather and the kids and I took full advantage of it! Friday evening we ended up going over to Grandpa and Grandma's and grilled out hot dogs. Gannon and I were outside most of the time. He loves to run in their yard. They have six golden retriever dogs, one in particular always follows him around. One point in time he ended up laying down in the grass and Gabi layed beside him. It was so sweet. He didn't stay down long. With the hot dogs he ended up with ketchup in between his fingers. Grandpa took Brayden to see a movie. They went to see Avengers. Brayd loved it! While Grandpa and Brayd went out Grandma thought that Gannon needed some ice cream. So we went and grabbed some ice cream. By the end of it he had ice cream in his hair. One thing that got me and kind of ticked unnerved me a little while we were eating ice inside the restaurant there was another older couple there eating their supper. The wife kept looking over and giving us dirty looks for Gannon making noises...mind you Gannon is 20 months. Tell me what 20 month old is going to sit and not say one word or make one sound. UGH it made us so made. So I said loud enough where they could hear that I guess if they had kids they were perfect and very quiet. My mother in law suggested a dentist. Although they could not hear that. What made it a little funnier there was a family that had three or four small children sitting behind them...they made loud noises too!

Saturday we ended up going and visiting with mamaw and papaw. We played in the yard there all evening. We then ordered some pizza for supper and the boys got in the tub. Boy by the time they were done outside at mamaw and papaws they needed a bath BAD! We flew Brayden's helicopter that he got for his bday. Well it broke so I have to take it back. I am a horrible helicopter driver! I ended up getting it stuck on top of the roof of the garage and then once it got free it got stuck in a tree. Luckily our friend Andy was there to help us free it!

Sunday we have hung out because it is soooo hot out today. We flew kites this morning while it was cooler but we have been inside hanging. Gannon took the longest nap this afternoon that I know he will be going to bed late.

Did you guys have a fun weekend? What did you do?
XO -Lins

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