Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last day of school

Today was Brayden's last day at his school. I am the mom who drove slowly after dropping him off and recorded him running up the stairs into the school for the last time. I am also the mom that stood in the grass recording him coming out of the school for the last time and tell the staff members we became really close to bye. I am also the mom who teared up when seeing it and got sad and teared up when Miss G came down to the street and hugged me bye. I honestly never thought I would love a school so much but I do. Like I have said in a previous post this place is more of a family. This new school has HUGE shows to fill!!

Today was my dad's last day teaching. He retired after teaching for 38 years (at the same school) and coaching for 30 years. In those 38 years he taught 6th grade for 10 years and then 28 years Junior High. My dad is has taught several subjects. Some of them being Geography, Map Skills, Heath and Safety, Drivers Ed and P.E.  Some of these classes are also high school classes too. There are not to many teachers who can say they taught at the same school they started out with.

One of my best memories is when I had my dad when I was in 7th grade. He did NOT take it easy on me. At the start of the school year since I had to have my dad as a teacher I told him he was not to call on me in class only if I put my pinkie up in the air. He actually did listen to me on that aspect. Then when in high school our sophomore year we could choose if we wanted to take World Geography or History. I picked History so I wouldn't have my dad. HA HA Needless to say my mom was not a happy camper that I didn't pick my dad. I had a good reason not picking him. I didn't want made fun of. Kids thought I got special treatment just because my parents worked at the school. I thought it would be easier not to have him so the kids didn't think I had it "easy" in his class. Another memory he was my drivers ed teacher. I was a competitive gymnast so when I was of age to drive I had to go out of state for a competition. My dad drove me through KY to put my time in. When we got back he had another teacher also ride along as a second opinion. The other teacher wanted to give me an A because I am a good driver. Dad said nah give her an A-...I never once made a driver mistake. I went home and told mom and dad got in trouble. Dad has not ever lived that down!

You are one of the best role models ever! I am so proud that God picked me to be your daughter. I am glad that I was able to go through school and have you be my teacher. I think you are a fantastic teacher and really relate to your students. You are a great listener and very knowledgeable about all of the subjects you teach on. Mom and I are so proud of you. You have always worked so hard for our family so we can have what we want. You have always stood by us and supported us. You have always been a good sport when you were out numbered by mom and I! :) Thank you for showing me what a husband/father should do for their family. It really set my standards high growing up on knowing what kind of man I wanted to be my husband and the father of my children. I love you daddy! Thank you again for everything you have ever done for me. You are the best daddy ever!
XO -Lins


  1. My dad retired a couple years ago after 43 years, and it was very strange. I never had that experience of having him teach me. Sometimes I wish I had, though I can imagine how weird that was for you. It's weird to hear you describe what kids said or did. I can't remember ever thinking that, but maybe we weren't in the same class? I really liked your dad as a teacher. One of my favorite things from his class was when we covered religions and we all split into groups and studied one particular religion. I ended up with Judaism, and though I knew it wasn't cool to enjoy studying that, I LOVED it. I wish your dad well. My dad has really enjoyed retirement, but he misses teaching. A lot.

    1. I am glad that he picked this year to retire since we are moving to TX in a couple of weeks. Now they can come visit at anytime! :) I also can't wait until they move down there too! I thought dad tried to make his classes fun and interesting. I remember I had Islam. ;)


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