Monday, May 28, 2012


This weekend Brayden spent his last weekend with Todd's parents. They took him downtown to the memorial service on the circle. Then grandpa took him to see the movie Battleship. Once they got back from that they went out for pizza. He was worn out. He fell asleep on the way back to grandpa and grandma's house.

Saturday they took him to the Indy 500 parade. He took his little American flag with him. His favorite part of the parade was when the motorcycles went past and the guy rode down the road standing up on it. They had a late lunch at McDonald's. They were going to go to a baseball game but grandpa looked at the schedule wrong and the game was an away game. Since it had been a busy weekend thus far they decided to stay at home and watch movies. Gannon and I hung out at home. We were on our way out to go get some diapers and I was attacked by our front screen door. It hurt I glanced down and there was no blood. So I proceeded to walk to our car to continue on with our errands. On the way down the road I was at a stoplight and looked down and noticed it had started to bleed. So in the parking lot I cleaned it up thinking okay we will be alright. Just kidding. It was running (luckily it didn't get on my shoe). Needless to say once I got into Walgreen's I found the band aids ASAP and sat down in the middle of the isle and fixed myself. It was touch a go on whether I needed stitches but I waited and waited and decided against it. I was also gonna put some ice on it but we had no ice BUT we did have those frozen Daley's. So I put that to good use and used that as my ice. Hey it worked!

Sunday has been pretty chill. It's been so hot. I have been fighting off a migraine most the day. Brayden got home this morning after him and grandpa drove around the airport to see some fun planes. Brayden acted and looked tired, Gannon has been cranky, and I have been packing. This week is going to be very busy with all the packing I have to do. I can't believe two weeks from today we will officially be living in TX! I can't wait to see the house Todd has picked out for us. The pictures I have seen make the house look great so I am really really excited! 

I have to laugh because every few minutes Brayden keeps asking me something about Texas. He has now decided in his Texas home he will have a game room like Incredible Pizza, Halloween room, Science Room, Sports room, and a game room. All these rooms he thinks he needs in our house means that Todd will need to work overtime to get this huge house Brayden wants. I love listening to his imagination on what he describes how he wants each room to be. I told Todd today about my head hurting and I think it's the weather and because it is so dry and humid. He told me I was prepping for TX.

Did you guys have a great weekend? What fun things did you do?
XO -Lins

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  1. Hello! I just came across your blog and had to give a shout out from Houston! I've lived here my entire life so if you want any advice I can definitely help! I'm also a teacher so I can tell you what I know about different school districts. After you get over the gross summer weather you will love it :-)


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