Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Everyone thinks that their mom is the best mom in the entire world. I KNOW my mom is the best mom in the entire world. She has taught me so much. I am the one that is honored that I was the chosen one when God picked me to be her daughter. My mom is the strongest, kindest, smartest, prettiest, loving, caring,  most nurturing person there is. My mom always tries to find the good in someone and does not speak poorly of others.

I love you so so much! You are my world. I enjoy our morning chats that we have together when I drop Brayden off at school. I enjoy our afternoon chats when I go pick Brayden up from school. I enjoy our chats in between those other times.  This is our last Mother's day in Indiana together but hopefully next year will be the first of many more together in Houston. I have always tried to model myself after you of being such a fantastic wife and mother. I hope that I am half of what you are to Todd and our two boys. I am glad you are my best friend in the entire world and we can talk about anything together. I love that I am almost 30 and still call you mommy. I love that you are the best mamaw ever to our boys. You remind me of how mamaw was the best to me. I can't wait to spend the day with you.

I love you mommy!
XO -Lins

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  1. this is so awesome!!! love you lins! and your momma! :)


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