Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy day

Today was so so busy. I had so much to do and tried to fit it all in. Needless to say that didn't happen. Once I got Brayden off to school I decided to make some cookies for a few of the staff members and give them thank you cards. Originally I was going to have Todd sent me something from TX to give each of them but I thought a hand written note was a little more personal than a trinket.

I had to go in for an end of the year meeting at the school today. As I was going I thought to myself I am not going to cry! HA We all did great until the very end. Of course there were some tears. Words can't express on how awesome of a school Brayden goes too. This school is more of a "family" than anything. When you drop your child off you know that they are not only going to get taught their lessons that day but also get the love from the teacher and staff members.

Our first encounter with this school was when Brayd was in Kindergarten last year. Mrs. M really set the standards very very high. She was always going above and beyond for our son. It really takes a special person to be a teacher. I should know my dad has taught for 38 years. Todd and I were a little nervous about his teacher this year. She was young and this was her first "classroom" job. Miss G gave us NOTHING to worry about. She picked up where Mrs. M left off. What is something else that is really special about Miss G she has my cell and I have hers after school hours she will text me or I will text her. She stays in contact with me contstantly through email. I am sorry we are going to miss out watching her and passing her at the school. I honestly wish we could pack her up and take her with us. It's also nice to know that Miss G is so layed back. She loves to have a great time with her class and when the class gets to talking about something other than the subject they are talking about she finds a way to turn it into a lesson to which they are learning. That takes quick thinking. One of my favorites with Miss G is to listen to her tell stories about Brayd. She gets into them and her facial expressions just crack me up. Brayd even told her one day during a paper they were doing together that I was as pretty as Daisy...(Daisy is our Golden Retriever that is 2 yrs old) HA HA!

This school has a great support staff! We can't talk about the teachers without talking about the others. It's great when we are out in the community and we run into one of them they take the time and stop and chat with us and mainly Brayden. They spend non school hours working to make the learning better for the kids and helping the teachers. The thought that has gone into getting binders and packets ready to send to the new school for Brayd so the new school will be informed on him was amazing. They are a bunch of hard working ladies.

This new school in TX has a lot to live up too. Todd is suppose to go tour the new school today. Hopefully the tour will go well. I read that their were 913 students just from K-5 and that is for one school! I can't imagine that. That is basically the entire school from K-12 where I grew up! I graduated with like 65 kids I think. I hope that Brayd is not just a number at the school but the staff get to know him like his current school has. One thing that touched me in the meeting today the staff that Brayd is involved with daily is going to take a picture of themselves so Brayd can have it to keep. 

 This was the first day of school. How adorable is Miss G?!?!?!

We sure are going to miss all of you guys! Please stay in touch!!!
XO -Lins

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