Friday, May 25, 2012

Book Club Friday

I am going to talk about two books today. I wasn't able to blog last Friday but I did want to tell about the third and final 50 Shades Freed.

I was really not a fan of this book. Where the second book left off you would have thought they would take you through the wedding. It took me a little bit to catch on and to get into the book when they would just look back and think back about the wedding. I think after the first book had so much sex the second and third book just got boring. You would know what was coming and the scenario never really changed. It left me wanting more. There was a time or two that it did have you feeling like oh well this will get interesting now but then it just dropped off such as when she found out she was pregnant.  I was kind of tired of the double crap, inner goddess, and feeling my sex.

My next book I am going to tell you about is Bethenny Frankel Skinnydipping.

Per Amazon:
“Who do I have to sleep with to get a drink on this plane?” Beloved by countless fans for being devilishly dishy, outrageously funny, and always giving it to us straight, three-time New York Times bestselling author Bethenny Frankel now makes her fiction debut with the story of Faith Brightstone. Faith is an aspiring actress just out of college, who moves to L.A. determined to have it all—a job on the most popular TV show, a beach house in Malibu, and a gorgeous producer boyfriend. But when reality hits, she finds herself with a gig as a glorified servant, a role that has more to do with T&A than acting, and a dead-end relationship. Finally, Faith decides she’s had enough of La La Land and moves back to New York with just a suitcase and her dog, Muffin.
Five years later, Faith has finally found her groove as an entrepreneur and manages to land a spot on a new reality TV show hosted by her idol—the legendary businesswoman and domestic goddess Sybil Hunter. Diving into the bizarre world of reality TV, Faith’s loud mouth and tell-it-like-it-is style immediately get her in trouble with her fellow contestants—the delusional socialite; the boozy lifestyle coach; the moody headband designer; and her closest friend, the ambitious housewife who eventually betrays her. Even Sybil is not what she appears.
As the show comes to a dramatic close, Faith discovers that the man of her dreams may have just walked into her life. Will she choose fame or love? Or can she have it all?

Now my thoughts as I was reading this book was I felt like it was actually Bethenny talking. You could imagine her going through this in her real life. It seemed like maybe she had but just changed the names. I am a huge Bethenny Frankel fan because she keeps everything real and does not change to be someone else on or off camera. This book was just okay. It was not one that I couldn't put down. Honestly I tried to finish it yesterday and I couldn't. I am not sure if it is because I have followed her on TV or what.

Have you read either of these books?

XO -Lins


  1. i had no clue she was now a writer...sort of strange lol. it sounds like an interesting book but apparently it isn't that addicting :)

    happy weekend!

  2. I knew she had written books but I didn't know she wrote a fiction book! I do love her but maybe I'll try and find this one at the library just in case I don't like it then I'm not out the money :)

  3. That's kind of disappointing to hear that Bethenny's book didn't live up to expectations. But even so, I'm still hoping to find the time to read it.


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