Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I think stressing saftey to our little ones is one of the most important things to teach them. Maybe because I come from a small town that I get scared easily of larger towns and cities. Our oldest Brayden is one of the most friendliest kids I know. If a stranger talks to him he will talk to them and tell them his name and if Gannon is around he will tell Gannon's name too. I have tried to stress several times the importancce of not telling a stranger his name or his brother's name. I have really tried to stress it more since we are moving to the 4th largest city in the U.S.  I've tried to explain to him why we don't talk to strangers and why we don't tell strangers our names. He views as everyone being nice. I wish the world was that way. I really hope he will realize once we are down there what I am trying to say. I think that is another reason why I don't put many pictures of them on my blog.

I am also having issues with Brayden and Gannon fighting. They are 6yrs and 4 months apart. Gannon is at the age now where everything big brother plays with is so cool and he wants to do too. So when Brayd is at school Gan will break into his room and play with his toys. All I feel like I get done doing is scolding that Brayd needs to be nice to his brother and let him play with him too. It was a huge fight this morning before school. All I heard was yelling from Brayd and crying from Gan. I really hope they grow out of this stage soon. I don't like to see them fight. They do love each other tho. It's my favorite part of the day when I watch them give each other hugs and love on each other. I am an only child so I didn't have anyone to fight with. This is all whole new ballgame to me! :)

XO -Lins

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