Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was not very exciting. Friday night the boys including the hubs played xbox. I sat in the recliner and read my kindle. While I was sitting there I could hear it starting to ice. Next thing I knew our deck was covered with ice. The bff was keeping me update on the weather back home and keeping me updated on the basketball game.

Saturday Brayden was suppose to have his basketball game at noon. By 9:30 we got noticed that it was cancelled. Todd and Brayden were already gone they had to go get their haircut from the barbershop. Gan and I were still in our pj's when they got home. Gan also decided it would be so much fun to get up at 6AM on Saturday and not take a nap the entire day. Needless to say he went to bed early. I decided since we were stuck inside I was going to make Taco Soup. I had never made it before so I was going by what the cookbook had said. Once I got all done I looked at it and there was no liquid that was suppose to be added. I called the hubs over to look at it and he gave me a strange look. The hubs is not a fan of soup, me on the other hand could eat soup everyday in the winter. So we went with plan B...we made a nacho/taco salad kind of thing. It was fabulous! So I sent the hubs to the store to pick up a few things and Brayden decided to go with him and talked him into going to the video store and picked up a video game and a movie. I ended the evening by finishing up a book I was reading on my kindle.

Sunday we started the morning out with the hubs making his fabulous french toast. This is to die for french toast. He added strawberries on mine which was so yummy. It kept us all so full we didn't eat until way late in the afternoon. Gan did decide to nap on Sunday. I managed to find a different book to read. I started it and and the IU basketball game playing in the background while I was reading. I ended up falling alseep. The hubs and Brayd ended up watching a "boy" movie together.

That pretty well sums up our weekend. How was yours? Did you do anything fun?

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