Thursday, January 12, 2012


I need some opinions...I want a big girl camera. I use my iphone a lot and I have a cute little Kodak Easy Share camera but I want a big girl one.

I am kind of digging this camera but not sure. What are your opinions?

I told the hubs I wanted a big girl camera so he of course started looking. I told him the best part is I could get a cute little camera strap. He gave me a look and then such a man answer you don't need a cute camera strap just use the one it comes with. HELLO he should know who he is married too. I like cute things! LOL :) 



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  1. The D3000 is the camera that a lot of pro bloggers use. I'm not longer blogging as my job, but I still use my D3000 alllll the time. A heads up, though, it's heavy as heck. It's not that great of a travel camera, because it's big, heavy, and fragile, of course. I still wish I'd kept a smaller digital for travel shots.


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