Friday, January 27, 2012

My daddy

One of the men in my life that I have not talked about is my daddy. My daddy is one of the best men that I know. When growing up he was (still is) a hard worker. He always held at least two jobs sometimes three. He has been a school teacher for 38 years. He has taught at the same school the entire time. He has taught sixth grade when starting out and then ended up teaching seventh grade. He has taught many subjects such as Geography, World Geography, Map Skills, History, Health and Safety, Drivers Ed, and P.E.  There could be more but that's all I remember at the top of my head.

I am the only child so it was always dad, mom, and myself. When I was in first grade my mamaw and papaw moved to Florida. Dad took mom and I down to see them every Spring Break. Instead flying which would have obviously gotten us down there a heck of a lot faster we always drove. Looking back I am so glad we drove. We got to experience different states together and as the years went on we looked forward to certain spots that we would stop and eat or gas up. Can't forget all the great memories that three of us made together.

We posed like this at my mamaw and papaws when I was a little girl. This picture was taken back in 2008

Mom and dad enrolled me in gymnastics when I was three. I took a little break from it when I was in third grade. Once I got in junior high I got back into it and was on the competing team. I loved that I had both my parents travel with me. I was very grateful that every competition I wanted to enter they would enter me in. Dad never missed one meet. 
When I was getting married I knew I wanted to have a wedding because I had always dreamed of my dad walking me down the isle to give me away. I remember walking down the isle holding onto dad so tight my heart was beating out of my chest but just by him giving me one look I knew everything was okay. Our first dance was to Butterfly Kisses. That has always been our song. One year for father's day I got him a journal type book titled Butterfly Kisses, both of us took the time to fill out different portions of the book. A few years ago I got a butterfly tattoo because of him. If you ask him about it he would just give a look like I'm crazy. He is not one for the spotlight to be on him. 
He is a pretty awesome papaw if I say so. My boys are totally in love with their papaw. When Brayden was only about four months old he started staying the night with my parents. Dad has always spoiled Brayden. When Brayden was younger he would always want to go on a tractor ride. They would ride the tractor all over the yard and in town. Now dad has to take turns on giving the boys a ride because Gannon loves his rides too. 
Brayden and papaw waiting on Santa Train
 When I was pregnant with Gannon we had a hard time coming up with names. Todd named Brayden and it was my turn to name our second child. I knew right away that if it was a boy I wanted to name him after my dad, Stephen. I told mom right away but held the secret from dad. I wanted to wait for the perfect time to tell him. We decided on Gannon's name a couple of weeks before he was born. My plan was to hold out on telling dad until he was born. Dad's birthday was before my due date, it was his 60th birthday so a milestone. So in the card we all signed it then I added Gannon's name to it. It said "Happy Birthday" Gannon Stephen. So that is how he found out. 
I am really glad that I was picked to be my dad's daughter. We have a wonderful relationship with so many memories. There are some memories that he has forgotten that I still remember and I remind him. It takes him a second to believe me. One of my favorite is he was my drivers ed teacher  and drove me while we were on our way home from one of my gymnastic meets. He also had me drive with another teacher because he wanted to be fair. The other teacher wanted to give me an A. Dad said no give her an A- I don't want to play favorites. Needless to say he got an ear full once mom found out! HA HA He was my softball coach....he was always so involved in any sport I did. He even managed to hit a fly ball to me and it missed my glove and knocked me out. I was so mad at him I wouldn't talk to him on the way home from the ball field. He taught me to swim, drive, ride my bike, play softball and much more. I am so thankful to have the best daddy in the world. 

I love you daddy!

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  1. Your guys' relationship is one of the best father/daughter relationships around!!!! love you guys always!!!


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