Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heavy Heart...

This is a post that I have really been dreading on writing. I've known it was coming but in my mind and in my heart I've been praying and hoping for a miracle.

If you remember when I went back to Indiana in March LB and I drove up and spent the evening with our other bestie Lynn. If you have been a follower of my blog for very long then you will have read the info I have spoke about on Lynn's son Peyton. If you need a refresher then you can go herehere, and here. Yesterday Peyton had a MRI done to see how things were going. Per Lynn the report showed that Peyton's tumor has almost doubled in size in just two weeks. There is also hemorrhaging signals which means it appears that recently the brain has hemorrhaged. Thus, creating all these new bewildering symptoms such as slurred speech and hearing loss...etc. The brain is not currently bleeding. So that's good. Probably the only good news. 

Lynn has been very open about talking about Peyton's prognosis. When he was first diagnosed in June 2012 the doctors told her he would last anywhere from 12 months to 24 months. With the new results on the MRI the doctor told her most children last up to three months but they can prove her wrong. As a family they decided to stop the Chemo treatment for Peyton. With them stopping the chemo this will let them be eligible for any trial treatments that may come up.

If you would like to make any donations to the family you may send checks to IU Credit Union in Bloomington Indiana under Peyton's Angels. Awareness really needs to be brought to DIPG. Before Peyton being diagnosed with this awful disease I had never heard of it. Everyone that loves Lynn and her family really hope there is a cure one day for this. If you would like to reach out to Lynn and her family there is an email account set up for them at peytonangels@gmail.com

There are several goals for Peyton but a big goal is that he is still around and gets to meet his new baby sister. Now I haven't asked what the name is going to be but Peyton is pretty sure "Pickle" is the perfect name. So now she is referred to as "pickle". If you are not already following along on Facebook with Peyton's Angels you may click here and it will take you to the page. 

This family could use all the prayers they could get right now. Lynn is one of the strongest people I know. I look up to her and I am so blessed that I can call her my best friend. She is one of the most selfless people I know and always making sure everyone is happy around her and putting others first. She has stayed so strong for her kids through this difficult journey. This is the kind of family that when you get to meet them or know them there is a little sparkle or magic that you know God has his arms around them and guiding them in the path he has set up for them. 


  1. You should look at this little boy's website. His doctor may be able to help Peyton. Ihaertnoah.org

  2. I am certainly praying for Peyton & and the entire family - I can't even imagine what they are going through.

    I have to say, I do love the name Pickle!

  3. Prayers for Peyton and his family. I'm glad they have their faith and good friends like you to help them through this!


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