Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey y'all! I hope each and everyone of you had a fantastic weekend! My weekend was not to shabby at all!

We are going to skip over Friday because to be honest I can't think of what we did that evening. Whoops! So moving right along to Saturday. Saturday morning started when Todd woke me up early to let me know he was going for a walk. He sent me a picture of some horses and how close he was. I was so jealous! Once he got back he went and got a haircut and the boys and I were still playing outside. We started outside early Saturday! Once he got back I had debated on going to get a pedicure while I was debating if I wanted to go and where I wanted to go he took my truck and got it washed for me. Then once he got back I went and got my toes and nails done. This was my first pedicure since my surgery in December and let me tell you I about came out of my chair a couple of times. Once I got back Ollie and I went for a walk. During that walk we had four dogs at two different times come after us. I claim I was saving him and fighting the dogs off and I am sure if you ask him he would say he was protecting me! (Didn't you know my dog could talk? HA HA) These dogs were in their fence but have found a way out. Needless to say once it was all said and done and we were safe I realized that while I was trying to push Ollie in front of me so the other dogs wouldn't get to him he stood stubborn and was pushing me in front of him to keep me away from the dogs. Once we got back he got an extra treat or two. Oh I also need to add that while Todd was away washing my truck Brayd and I found a turtle in the yard. We kept it for a few hours then once I got back from my pampering we set him free. I also got a delivery of flowers from my parents for Mother's Day.

Sunday I woke up to both of my boys in bed with me telling me Happy Mother's Day. Then once Todd gave Brayd the go ahead he had to lead me out to the kitchen where Todd made me breakfast and had a dozen yellow roses waiting on the table for me. He also got me three balloons and then a Cavendar's gift card so I can go get some good jeans to wear with my boots. We got ready for church which was baby dedication day. It was so cute to see all the babies dressed all up. Made my baby fever kick in extra high. Once church was over we went downtown and ate at this Pizza Place called Joe Mama's. Let me tell you this place is so legite. We have lived in Oklahoma for six months and just now finally found a good pizza place. I have to say I am picky when it comes to pizza!

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