Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A lot of activies plus new shoes

It is still crazy busy around here and to be honest I don't see it slowing town until school is out! This weekend Todd had his open house at the company he works for. The kids and I went up on Saturday and met a few of the people he works with. Saturday was basically the first night that week that we were able to spend some quality time with him. We went out to supper as a family then went to a little coffee/ice cream shop for dessert. It was a pretty easy going evening and I loved it. Sunday we got up and went to church and came home. Normally we go to lunch after church but since we ate out the night before we decided to pass. I ended up going to the grocery and made some chili for supper. I figured since it was cool outside I should make a least one more pot before the massive heat of summer kicks in.

Monday we went to Brayden's school for his track and field. It was so cold yesterday morning! Needless to say taking an active strong willed stubborn 2 year old to an event like that does not mix well. Gannon and I left about an hour later and Todd stayed to watch. Todd then went back to work but was coming through town to go see a customer. We switched vehicles and he got my new shoes put on my truck!! The only thing left we are going to do is put tint on the front side windows. I'd love to have a chrome strip going down the side but it's a bit costly!

We have more appointments and activities going on this week. It honestly seems like we have something almost daily from now until the end of school! I love staying busy like this and I love that I am making memories with my kiddos!

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