Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Shennanigans

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend has been very busy but a good kind of busy. I loved every second of it and really didn't want it to end. The only thing I could have done without were the storms that were around last night. I am a big chicken and am scared to death of tornadoes so I pace and text my cousin Stephen while the storm is going on. My cousin lived in Oklahoma up until March then he moved back to the Midwest. He attempts to keep me calm...attempt being the key word! Anyhow moving along lets dig in shall we?

Friday Brayden had a pre op appointment at the hospital. So off Brayd and I went to his appointment. Todd met us and we traded kids. Todd took Brayd out for lunch and had a guys day. By the time they were done with lunch and if he would have taken him to school he would hardly have been Brayd got a free day. Gan and I went downtown and met up with our new friend and went to a festival. We had planned on going and meeting up with a group of moms that we are starting to hang out with. Gannon and I made a new friend on Wednesday but that is a whole different post. While walking around the festival it was really cute Liz and I were both using strollers and the two boys were just chatting away. They have became very fast buddies!

Telling each other bye...they just did high fives and giving each other knuckles. 

Once we parted ways we started texting about an hour later. What else are new friends suppose to do? So we decided that we needed a moms night out and we went shopping then had a late dinner. I can't tell you how much we laughed. I seriously laughed so hard I was crying, it was the best. Of course when we went to dinner we had to have an adult bevie! 

I got the moijto and sent it was horrible. I ended up with my faithful Bud Light. Liz got some kind of rita. We really enjoyed our bevies!

Saturday night Todd and I had a date night. We ended up going and getting Gannon some new shoes. We just got him new tennis shoes like a month ago and they were coming apart at the seams. Once we were done shopping we figured out where we were going to go dinner. I called and made us reservations for Wolfgang Pucks restaurant. We were early and Todd mentioned something about a tattoo. I went along with it but they were not able to get him in that night. He made an appointment with them. Once we got the appointment made we made our way over to Wolfgang's. Let me tell you I had the best Skinny Margarita ever!!! All the ingredients were so fresh and everything was blended so well. The food was absolutely amazing! 

When I woke Sunday morning and turned my Ipad on to play some tunes while I was getting ready I noticed that Gannon and Carley had a little photo shoot. It totally cracked me up. I love that she loves our boys so much!

We normally go to lunch after church which is something that I love that we do. We had to make it a fast lunch because a delivery company was coming to switch out Brayd's new bed. We decided to go to McCalisters for lunch. While we were there Gan decided to greet everyone that came past us. It was really cute because everyone was speaking to him. Needless to say we were cracking up!

This pretty much wraps up our weekend! Next weekend won't be as exciting since Brayd has his surgery on Friday.


  1. Ha ha! Totally Facebook stalked you to find your blog. :) We had so much fun! I can't wait to add many more memories!
    Signed, your newest reader (wow! I sound like a freak).

  2. What a fun and exciting weekend!! I'm sure the boys loved it! I hope everything went well with the pre-op appt!


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