Thursday, November 24, 2011

IU Basketball Game

Last Saturday Todd scored us some IU tix! Being from Southern Indiana I LOVE IU total understatement. I also LOVE basketball. My dad was a basketball coach for 30+ years. I can remember my dad going to Bobby Knight basketball camps and the last day getting a shirt for me from the camp and getting it signed. So when Todd called to tell me that he was taking Brayden and I to the game I was more than excited! He also scored some hospitality passes! I spent all week thinking what IU shirts we were going to wear. The first up was to get Brayden's shirt. He has to dress to impress of course! Next it was mine and Todds turn. We had such a blast at the game! I can't wait until we can go to another one!! 

IU warming up before the game

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