Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving


This year I made Thanksgiving at our house. It was the kids, myself, Todd, and my parents. We all always have so much fun making holiday dinners together. I am glad that I paid enough attention that I can recreate Thanksgiving dinner like my mom. Enjoy the pictures!

 Deviled Eggs made by my momma

 Green Bean Casserole

 Mashed Potatoes

 My Grandma Autumn's homeade noodles made by my daddy

 My Grandma Autumn's Sweet Potatoes

 Todd carved the turkey before I could get a picture of it so here is a little bit of it. I would like to add it was picture perfect looking. I never had one come out looking so perfect! 
Of course we had to have wine too! 

Is anyone going out shopping at midnight for Black Friday? Todd asked me if I was going to go do that this year and I have declined. My friend and I went one year to the outlet mall and it was just plain madness. I think we stood in line more than anything. 

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