Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gannon 15 months

Gannon you are our little monkey! You love to climb on anything and everything. You are not scared at all. You will eat anything we give you to try. You have yet to object to anything. There are times that I will take a jar of baby food with us in case you might not like something. You will always pick big people food over baby food. You love watching big brother play video games.
You  also love lovins from big brother
My favorite time of the day is the morning when Brayden will say "good morning monkey how did you sleep"? You are always looking for him. You love it when we go pick him up from school. You watch every move he makes! The other favorite time of the day is after lunch when you want to lay on my lap and we watch Sesame Street. 
You like to end your evening sitting on the couch with daddy. Usually daddy is messing around on the computer and watching cartoons with you and Brayden. You also like to wrestle daddy. 
We love you so very much Gannon. I can not wait to continue to watch you grow and explore.

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