Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From the beginning

Hi all! I hope you enjoy this blog! The hubs tried to get me to do this over a year ago but with a new baby there really wasn't time. So now we are going to make time!

I grew up in a small town in southern Indiana, by small I mean only three stoplights in town. Everyone knew everyone and their business. Oh and a bonus we lived near Amish! The Amish are great don't get me wrong. Love them!

So lets fast forward to the April 2002. I was going to college and living in my own apartment. My friend was had been trying to set me up. The first guy total stalker wierdo. The second guy she was trying to talk me into meeting I was very hesitant because let's be honest the first guy was a total freak. So finally I said yeah okay I will meet this guy. She said awesome come on over they will be off work soon. (My friend was dating the other friend so obviously the two guys were roomies) So I got all gussied up and went over there. I got there before the guys thank goodness. So I told my friend Jen hey if this guy is lame I am going to go home and watch Friends...(I met this guy on a Thursday when my fave show was on). The guys pull up and he gets out of the car and says hello to me. Well at this time I forgot how to speak and walk. I always have a lot to say and I could not even remember how to say hello. After I figured out how to talk again I was thinking hmm guess I am missing Friends tonight! So Todd and I talked for a long time and hung out and started to watch a movie (Jay and Silent Bob..classic)! I could tell he was getting tired and I was really liking him so part of the way into the movie I told him I had to leave. The next day he calls me of course I have to act like oh who is this again? He ask me out for that evening I say yes. So of course I have to think of my cutest outfit ever to wear. Thankfully Jen was over at their house and called to give me the 411 on what he was wearing. Let me add he was an hour late picking me up. Once he finally got to my apartment and we chatted for a few before going out I knew it was over. He had me at hello. I knew that instant I was going to marry this man and grow old and gray with him!

Now in November of 2002 he took me out to dinner. He was acting weird that evening but I couldn't place it. I thought well hey maybe he doesn't feel good. Next thing I knew he was asking me to marry him! Obviously I said YES! So we set the day to July 2003. The day I married Todd was the best day of my life. He looked so handsome in his tux and I was so excited to be marrying my best friend. We went on an awesome honeymoon came back and started married life. From that point on our life has been one exciting adventure after another!

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