Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When your babies are sickly....

This week is going really fast to me. Is it to anyone else? I had a totally different post planned for today but I am putting that on hold until tomorrow. Right now our oldest son Brayden, is not feeling 100%. He needs his momma to baby him and I am not going to fight him on that one! :) I LOVE to baby my kiddos and I know I won't get to much longer with him. I mean he is going to be 9 in April! HA HA

Yesterday I posted a status on my personal FB page about getting a text from Brayden's teacher. As you all know her and I are really close friends and she is 9 months pregnant. It is not unusual to get a text from her during the day. I figured it would be some random thought or that her water broke! She told me that Brayden was complaining of his eyes hurting. This was the second time within the last couple of months that he has complained to her about his eyes. Brayden is not a complainer when he doesn't feel well anyhow and if you have been following for awhile you will remember he was suppose to have surgery on his eyes when we lived in Houston. Needless to say I cancelled that surgery since we moved and I had reservations about it anyway but if you need a refresher or to catch up you can read about it here. Also if any of you have had this done or know of someone who has had this done please message me I'd love to know more about it. With all of that being said I knew we needed to go to the Opthamologist here in Tulsa but I put that to the side for a bit so we could get settled. I mean there is just so much you can throw at a kid at one time. I called yesterday morning and got him in with a Pediatric Opthamologist and surprisingly they are getting him in on Monday. 

When I picked him up from school you could see in his little eyes he wasn't feeling the best. Once he got home from school yesterday I gave him Tylenol. Last night for supper I was going to make Beef Stroganoff well needless to say I didn't feel like cooking so Todd took us out to eat. Brayden ate pretty well but still said his head hurt. Once we got home from supper and the kids had their baths Todd ran and got some Advil and Brayden laid on my lap. I rubbed his head for over 30 minutes trying to ease his pain for him. I felt so bad because I wanted to take his pain away and have the headache for him. I don't want my babies to ever hurt. Todd and I went to tuck him in and all three of our dogs jumped up in bed with him and laid with him. (He has been sleeping in the room my parents stay in when they are here to visit. I think he likes the bigger bed and the room smells like my dads cologne too.) Carson our Chocolate lab ended up staying in bed with him until Brayden was in a good deep sleep. It was really cute because Carson was laying his head up on the pillow right next to Brayden almost spooning him. 

Todd woke up this morning and found that Brayden has moved himself to the couch. He told Todd that he was going to come and lay with us but Todd was snoring way to loud. HA HA He told me he didn't want the dogs to be alone and he got hot. Needless to say I think he still has a touch of his headache and I am starting to think it may also be a sinus headache too. There is no doubt that his eyes hurt because he is always rubbing them. Hopefully today will be a better day for him but I am off to go give some extra loves to him and baby him before we leave for school. Maybe the extra lovins from momma will fix his little headache and make him have a wonderful day! ;) 

Have a happy hump day y'all! 


  1. Poor Brayd! Hope he gets to feeling better!!!

  2. I hope he feels better! Aubree used to almost cry in pain because her eyes hurt and every time I would take her to the doc she had terrible sinus infections.


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