Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend of sickies

So Friday morning I had to get up and get going because I had a follow up post op appt for my foot. The kids were good in the office so we went to Sonic to get us a soda. When I pulled up there was a horse right next to us. I found this totally funny that someone came to Sonic riding on a horse oh and she had her dog with her too. When I went to take the picture of the horse it moved so I had to angle it quickly from the back window so sorry for the bad angle with the black screen in it. 

Saturday Brayd woke up feeling really crappy saying his throat hurt. By the end of the evening he had a temp of 100.4, this isn't a real high temp but for him it is because he never runs a temp when he is sick. 

Sunday Brayd earned a trip to Urgent Care and ended up having Strep. This is the first time he has ever had it. He is so miserable that I took him to get a shake to maybe help his throat. He has lost his voice and his chest is so tight where it reminds me of croup. Needless to say he slept with me and woke up in the middle of the night not being able to breathe so into the steam shower he went. He has earned a trip to the doctor today to see if he needs a breathing treatment or something. He keeps asking when is this sickness going to go away. I feel so bad for him.
Of course since big brother got a shake monkey had to get a mini shake too. He had whip cream all over his face and drank every single drop of that shake! I don't think he liked it at all! HA HA

Sunday evening we discovered that Daisy had gone into heat. She earned her fancy pants again! When Todd put them on her she just sat right down and started to pout and wouldn't move. In a few days she will prance around because she is special with the fancy pants...she is a diva! 

She didn't know if she wanted to go outside or not but here comes Ollie right next to her to get a big whiff of her of her hoo ah. She is a little slut at the moment! HA HA Okay I am out to go nurse my sickie and wait on him hand a foot. Come back tomorrow because there is a giveaway going on!! 

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