Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meal Planning

Hey friends! Last week I told you that I went grocery shopping and meal planned for two weeks. Last week went really well and to be honest I really had it together and didn't need to run to the store but one time. That one time was for some milk and then some chicken broth that I thought I grabbed. I also asked my husband to pick up some corn bread because last minute I thought it would be good with the Creole Sausage w/ red beans and rice BUT he was in a hurry at the Piggly Wiggly and accidently grabbed the Blueberry muffin mix. Can we say ooppss? HA HA

Sunday-Creole sausage w/red beans and rice

Monday-Leftover creole sausage with red beans and rice

Tuesday-Beef Stroganoff

Wednesday-Cheesy Chicken Enchilladas



Saturday-kitchen closed going out to eat

I also noticed that by me doing our meal planning two weeks in advance I ended up saving us half of what I normally spend each week going to the store. When I did go to the store I also picked up lunch items for Brayden since he takes his lunch daily to school. There were also snacks added in there for Gannon and lunches for him here at home and I still saved money. I did cut some coupons but it was nothing like what you see on TLC Extreme Couponers. I just shopped smart and looked for the best deals for the price. 

Do you meal plan? If so how far in advance do you meal plan? 


  1. I just recently went from getting paid once a month to biweekly, so I started planning meals for every 2 weeks! It's worked out really well for me so far. I cooked dinner all last week except twice (once because we were invited to my mom's for dinner and then saturday night we got pizza that I was craving for). It saved us a good bit. My grocery bill included a few things for my husband and I to take to work for lunch and some extra things for the house and I still paid under $200! :)

  2. I did meal planning for a couple weeks a few months ago, and it was awesome! We saved so much money. But the holidays got so busy, and now my boyfriend is in school at night, so I haven't gotten back on it. I need to though, it's sooo much cheaper and I find we eat healthier when I plan it out in advance!

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