Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A bond that can't be broken

The other day one of my friends back home commented on a picture of my mom and myself. She proceeded to tell me that she had always admired the kind of relationship that my mom and I had and she hopes one day that her and her daughter will have the same kind of relationship. When I read this it made my heart fill up, tears swell in my eyes, and then I got homesick for my mom. I am not here to tell you guys that our relationship is perfect and this is exactly how a mother/daughter should be. This is just what works for us, but in my eyes I think my mom is pretty perfect and so is our relationship. 

Mom and I right after I had Gannon in 2010

As most of you may know if you have been around for awhile is that I am adopted. I was adopted at birth. My mom and dad tried for years and years to get pregnant and just couldn't. Then they waited for the longest time to adopt a baby. Funny story...my mom was working at one of the branches (bank) that she was the Asst. VP for this lady came in and was talking about her grandson that was just born. The lady also proceeded to tell my mom that there was a little girl that was also just born that the birth mom was giving up for adoption. That evening once my mom got off work she and dad got the call that they were getting a little baby girl. I am that little baby girl that the lady was speaking about earlier in the day. I believe part of what makes mom and I close is because I was adopted and because she and dad had wanted a child for so long. 

Mom was a stay at home mom for two years. She stopped working at the bank on my 2nd birthday and then went to work as an aide at the school. She worked there for 18 years before having to go on disability. Those two years that she stayed home she always made the day so fun and exciting. We would not sit at home we were always on the run going to the park or some kind of adventure. She taught me growing up that communication was key. She was my mom first and my friend second. She always made it where I could go and talk to her about anything and everything. She would never make the situation awkward and if I did something wrong yes she might have gotten made and upset with me but we still worked it out. She taught me that family stayed together and if we had each other then we could conquer anything.

Mom, dad, and I in front of where my Mamaw and Papaw used to live in Florida in 2008

My mom is one of the strongest people I know. When I was a freshman in H.S. she had her gallbladder taken out. She should have been out of the hospital within a couple of days instead she didn't come home for six weeks due to complications. She went on to develop Fibromyalgia a year or so later and ended up having a pain pump inserted inside of her so she could function daily. Not once did she complain or have a pity party she just kept on trucking on. With the pain medication that she was on with the pain pump made her gain weight. A year ago September she decided she was sick of living on the pain pump she started doctoring with some specialist and ended up having a back surgery in December of 2011, knee replaced January 2012, back surgery March 2012, and she was able to FINALLY get her pain pump removed July 2012. Not once during those four major surgeries did she ever complain she stayed strong and again kept trucking along. I am also happy to report that she is now down 70+lbs too! She looks so good! 

While she worked at the school she was the kind of person where a lot of the kids would go just to talk and get things off their chest or go to her for advice. She is the kind of person that she keeps things to herself and does not repeat what she has been told. I guess it really hasn't changed because people still come and talk to her and get advice from her. She is the kind of person where you don't hear another person say a bad word about her and she is very well liked. I will say tho if you cross her or hurt anyone in her family or her baby (me) oh my goodness watch out because the wrath of mother bear will unleash. It is not a pretty sight guys! 

I love that my mom taught me to be such a family person. Yes our family is probably unusually close and I talk to her on the phone at least 29586039 times a day! I would even talk to her that much when we lived in Indiana and would go home one weekend day too. Not only has she always been a supportive mom she has also always been a supportive wife to my dad letting him follow his dreams. He had always wanted to coach basketball and he did and we followed and went to every game and was there to cheer him on. She was there to drive me to all of my gymnastic practices and to take me to all my meets. I don't want this to come off as everything is unicorns and rainbows because it is not, her and I fight and when we fight we really fight but we also make up and fast as we fight too. 

 Her and I on our road trip back to Oklahoma

I hope that I am half of the mom to my kids and what she is to me. I also hope I can convey to my kids the morals that she has taught me and show them that I am their mom first and friend second. I want my kids to know they can come to me for anything and I will always stand by their side no matter what the issue may be at hand. I may be adopted but I feel that God chose my mom and made me like my mom and I can't tell you how happy I am. There is not one person I would rather be like than her. She is my mom, best friend, hero, guardian, counselor and so much more. I love all the time that her and I spend together laughing and making fun of each other. I love that she over the years has made our moments together special. She has always made sure that we had our own thing we would do together. As I got older it would be girls day out shopping and now it is girls day out shopping and we go get a little drinky drink! ;) I love my mom to the moon and back and I can not be more thankful that she is in my life and that I get to call her mom. 


  1. That's so great that y'all have such a great relationship.

    I don't really have a great relationship with my mom and zero with my dad. But one day when I have kids I know that me and Adam will be great parents and a strong family.

  2. This is a beautiful post. It truly is a great thing to have such a strong relationship with your mom. My mom and I are pretty cool together too. :)


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