Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap in Indiana

I want to thank everyone who filled in for me last week! I hope you will go and check out their blogs, shops, and websites!

I am going to go back and recap last weekend in Indiana. I will be giving recaps most of this week! I had such a fun time and I was able to see so many family and friends. It was one of the best visits ever! If you follow me on instagram (linsw00) then you probably have seen a few of the pictures!

I left last Friday morning. The kids got up with no issue and Todd made us his famous french toast for breakfast. It was a great start to the day. The route we were going Todd ended up following us to almost the state line. The drive is very easy and the views are so pretty. I loved going under the largest McDonalds in the US. I always get excited when I see the arch in Missouri and then I know I am so close to home, it is the home stretch. We were able to make the trip with one stop. We got gas, lunch, and potty breaks all in one stop. It made it so much easier and gave us a little more time to stretch our legs.

Once we got into Indiana we were greeted with cold weather and my mom and dad tackling us. Once I got into the house my younger cousin Conner and my Aunt Sherry were at the house visiting. Right away I was able to see two family members and I couldn't have been more thrilled. Once they left dad went and ran errands and mom and I gave the kids a bath. We squeezed in supper in there too but we just kept it simple. We all went to bed somewhat early.

Saturday my bestie LB arrived at my house at 9:30 AM to start our day of fun! She walked in the door and stood in the kitchen and I took off and we tackled each other. We had not saw each other for FIVE months! It's always our thing when we are together she does my hair and normally she tries something new. So she used her little gadget to make my hair crimpy/beach curls and then she added a couple of braids.

Once my hair was done we decided to go hit up a movie. We ended up watching Identity Theif and we cracked up the entire time. Once the movie was over we were starving. Well Indiana was playing so we thought we would go to Buffalo Wild Wings. The game was about to start so we were going to make it just on time. Once we got there we couldn't find any seating, not even in the bar area. We decided to leave and we ended up sitting at the bar at Cheddars. We were able to watch the game and had an wonderful burger. We caught up on each other for the past five months. Then she told me about this Blackberry wine from Oliver Winery. Once we finished eating and the game was over we went to the winery tried the Blackberry and came out with 3 bottles to take back to Oklahoma.

We came home and just hung out. She had a program for her kids that night so once she left I went to bed. I ended up getting a migraine so I slept the rest of the night.

I woke up on Sunday feeling great! It was so bitter cold but that wasn't going to stop mom and I from having our girls day. We went to Terre Haute shopping. I found the cutest military jacket and mom bought me the cutest Sperry's. Once we were done at the mall we hit up Kohl's and were in there for a couple of hours. Needless to say she spoiled me and I made out!

Once we were done shopping we were hungry and had plans to meet family members at Chili's. Mom and I made it there first and once our family came they tackled us and it was the best feeling. Sadly I didn't get any pictures. My cousin Stephen and I were to busy talking and gabbing and laughing. It was such a great dinner and I can't wait to do it again and see them again! I miss them already. Stephen's dad brought pictures of my Mamaw and needless to saw the waterworks started for me. They weren't sad tears just happy tears. My Mamaw always was a special lady to me and I just miss her so much. She was so pretty when she was young. What am I saying she was always pretty!

You can catch some of my other pictures on insta. I didn't want to overload you on the first day! Come back tomorrow for my Monday and Tuesday recap!

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  1. I'm from Illinois so I've been to indiana a lot! Sounds like a fun weekend!

    xx Michelle

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