Friday, March 8, 2013

My inspiration

Thank you all for bearing with me this week. I started feeling more human on Tuesday so I have taken the rest of the week to catch up on house stuff and what not. There has been so much going on behind the scene it is crazy. More on that next week. (Don't you hate when people do that and leave you hanging?)

Today I want to wish my parents HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! They have been together for 45 years and married for 39 years. Mom and dad met while mom was a junior in high school and dad was a senior in high school. Mom was working at the drive in movie theater and dad had come in. Needless to say the rest is history. They got engaged Christmas Eve of my moms senior year but waited seven years to get married. Why did they wait you ask, well dad went to college to be a school teacher and so mom worked for them to make money while dad went and got his education. 

Mom started to plan their wedding once then they decided to postpone until dad had found a job and what not. They got married and dad was hired at the school in my hometown, they spent their honeymoon in the next town with the mall shopping for school clothes for dad to start work that next week. They have never had a "real" honeymoon, I hope that one day they will actually take a real one. We've gone on vacations but they have NEVER been on a vacation with just them. 

Growing up I always knew I wanted to marry a man like my daddy. In my eyes my daddy is strong and can do no wrong. He was and still is a wonderful provider for our family. He is the man that puts himself last and mom and I first for anything we would ever need. He provided a beautiful home for me to grow up in. Him and mom showed me what a marriage and true love really is. I am not saying that they have a perfect marriage where they never fight but I can say I never heard them fight or remember them fighting when growing up. I do remember them showing me what unconditional love is. 

I've been taught to pick my battles with my significant other. I have also learned that marriage is hardwork and it takes teamwork with open communication amongst many other things. I hope that I can grow old with my best friend and have something half as special as my parents do, if I do then I will call that a success in my book! 

I love you mom and daddy! I hope you have a wonderful Anniversary! 

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  1. Being together and married for so many years is a huge accomplishment and such an inspiration! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to your parents! You are so lucky to have had such wonderful role models!

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass


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