Monday, April 1, 2013

Indiana Recap part 3

Last week I left off recapping my Indiana trip. On Wednesday LB and I drove about 2 hours to see our friend Lynn. Lynn just recently got married and announced that she is expecting a baby. If you have been a follower of mine for very long you will have read updates on Lynn's son Peyton. I can say LB and I had a blast spending the evening with Lynn and her family. 

Lynn fixed a yummy dinner and had an excellent wine that LB and I finished the bottle. We played memory with Peyton to many times to count. The kid is a rockstar at this game, he beat all of us the entire time! Stillman wasn't into playing the game so he was upstairs playing video games.

Lynn-Thank you for inviting LB and I into your home and giving us a tour of your beautiful home! We loved spending the evening with you, John, and the boys. I can't wait until you have that little girl this summer! I look forward to many more visits when I am home. It always feels like everything is back to normal when all three of us girls are back together. 

Once we left Lynn's we ran over to see my friend who is more like a brother at his college. He will be leaving for the summer for an internship so I won't get to see him even when I am home for a visit. I am pretty proud of him tho because only around 9 students were picked for this intern out of hundrends from all over the United States. 

I felt lucky because I was able to spend everyday home but two days with my bestie. I have to admit it was hard to come back and not have everyone around like I had the week prior. Last week was hard for me to adjust too. LB and I have always been glued at the hip so it was so hard to tell her goodbye on Friday. It was the day that I had dreaded the entire day. She was strong for us and held it together until she left me, I wasn't strong enough to hold it together. One of the hardest things is to be away from everyone you know and love. I also feel like it is so much harder to make friends when you are an adult and don't work outside of the home. LB thank you for the time we spent together. I love the days and evenings we were out running around. I miss you like crazy and love you to death. I am counting down til I get to come home for a visit this summer. You are the true meaning of what a best friend really is!

There are also some other things going on behind the scence so if I am not here for a few days please forgive me. With everything going on I am finding it hard to blog and read blogs. This is a favorite past time of mine so I hope this little funk passes soon. 

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  1. AWWWWW! It was SO GOOD to see you! We had a blast! Just like old times!! A week is NEVER enough!!! I love you girlfriend and I am counting down the days till I get to see your pretty little face again!!!! SMOOCH!


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