Thursday, April 4, 2013

A little uniqueness never hurt....

I thought this week would be a little more slower paced. I was completely wrong and it looks like our weeks are only going to get busier and crazier. If you have been a follower for very long you will know that I have spoke openly that my oldest Brayden has Autism and ADHD. When we were told he had Autism we were told by his school. Todd and I decided we wanted a for sure diagnosis because we were not convinced he was Autistic. He knows way to much and is way to smart for his own good. 

This week was our appointment with the specialist. We were there for what seemed like forever, in the end she has decided he does not have ADHD and he is not Autistic, he is a high functioning Asperger's kiddo. My first thought was okay I've heard of Asperger's before and I have met a high functioning kid that is labeled similar to Brayden. 

The next 60 minutes was full of information about this syndrome, what to expect, teaching me on how to think the way he thinks and how to direct him, planning what extra therapies he should start, and on how we can make him successful at school and in life. Next week we start our Speech and O.T. therapy. We go two days next week each lasting one hour but these are the evaluations to determine the length of time each is needed.

As soon as I called Todd and told him the verdict he was thrilled for the response. He was thrilled because we knew 100% what was wrong and how we could make a plan. I was also glad to get a direct answer on yes this is what he has. I will admit I was a bit quiet for the rest of that day. I was just soaking everything in that the doctor had discussed with me. My first thought as a parent is to fix your child to make him better. It was hard for me not to be able to fix this for him. I don't want him to have a hard time in school, life, and making friends. 

I know that God will not give you more than you can handle. Yes I feel like I have been tested a lot lately. I am glad I am going through this, I am glad that I was chosen to be Brayden's mom. Brayden makes me want to be a better person, he makes me want to try harder in everything I do, he makes me want to learn everything I can about Asperger's so I can help him, he makes me know the meaning of love, he makes me know how to trust when you don't know what will come next, he just makes me stronger as a person. It is my goal to work my toosh off on teaching him the skills that he needs, to get him ready one day to graduate school and to go onto college, to get him ready to hold down a job as an adult, to get him ready to have a family of his own. I just hope that one day he will know how much I love him and I would do anything for this kid. 


  1. What a wonderful post! I am so glad that you got a diagnosis for Brayden. I don't know alot about Asperger's syndrome, but I do know that there are alot of resources out there for you! I am glad that you have such a positive attitude about it and know you will do great as a mom helping him in any way you can!

  2. This made me tear up! You are such a wonderful mom to your boys! They are sooo lucky to have you as their momma!!!!! You rock girly!


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